floor standing Heat Pumps

The Ascler floor standing Heat Pumps is a fully assembled, compact heat pumps designed for uses with various heat source systems.

The large integrated stainless steel double shell tank with hydraulic decoupling function ensures optimum operational safety and ample hot water.

All components required for efficient operation, such as circulating pumps, 4-way valves, magnesium anode protection and quick heat coil, are factory-installed.

Highly efficient compressors with electronic expansion valves guarantee high seasonal energy performance ratios and low energy costs.

The standard heat pump assemblies can be combined with a range of optional accessories to turn the ascler floor standing heat Pumps into a complete facility management system for heating, cooling and DHW, with or without additional solar energy input.

Features & Benefits

» Multi-stage vibration decoupling

» Max. heating flow temperature 70-75 °C

» 4-way switchover valve

» Hydraulic assembly consisting of high-efficiency.

» circulating pumps for thermal media and heating circuits

» Connections at the side of the unit

» State-of-the-art  technology

» High-performance dual rotary piston equipped with electronic expansion valves

» Large copper-soldered stainless steel plate heat exchangers

» Sound-insulated, powder-coated housing

» All electrical components installed and fully wired

Technical Specifications

Product Code   AR – 150 AR – 180 AR – 300 AR – 500
Rated Heating Capacity kW 2.6 2.6 5.2 5.2
Input Power kW 0.6 0.6 1.2 1.2
Voltage V/Hz 220V-50Hz 220V-50Hz 220V-50Hz 220V-50Hz
Rated Output Water Temperature °C 55 °C 55 °C 55 °C 55 °C
Max. Output Water Temperature °C 70 °C 70 °C 70 °C 70 °C
Refrigerant   R410a R410a R410a R410a
Control Mode   Touch Control Touch Control Smart multi-function control system
Compressor Form Rotary Type Rotary Type Rotary Type Rotary Type
Quantity 1 1 1 1
Net Size mm 500*500*1688 500*500*1848 560*847*1862 700*980*1900
Net Weght Kg 78 93 175 235
Noise db(A) <46 <48 <50 <51
Water Tank Built -in Volume(L) 150 180 300 500
Ambient Temperature °C (-15 °C– 46 °C) (-15 °C– 46 °C) (-15 °C– 46 °C) (-15 °C– 46 °C)

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In comparison with the traditional gas water heater and electric water heater, air source Heat Pumps have major advantages in areas like power-saving, security, and environmental protection.

Energy- Saving

We’ve tested our heat pumps and the test shows that the energy consumption of them is very low. We’ve tested heating and the energy consumption of Heat pump was only 1/4 of the electric water heater and 1/2 of the Gas water heater.

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Environment Protection

Ascler has environment friendly refrigerant non ozone-depleting substances which will not do any damage to ozone layer.

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As we know, electric shock and carbon monoxide poisoning are the main two family killers, especially the latter is very dangerous to human because of its quality to separate water and electricity, which keeps the family far away from the electricity shock and carbon monoxide poisoning.

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