High Temperature Heat Pump

The Ascler High Temperature Heat Pump is a very special unit, offering exceptional advantages when it comes to operating range and heating flow temperature. Using EVI (Enhanced Vapour Injection) technology, scroll compressor and the unit is capable of producing hot water with a maximum temperature up to 90C which is ideal for both commercial and Industrial applications to kill Legionella and some other bacteria.

The operating range of this model has been expanded significantly. Enhanced vapour injection cools the refrigerant, which can then be compressed to a much higher degree than would be otherwise possible. It uses R134A refrigerant, which is not only eco-friendly but also reliable and stable especially for the system producing high temperature hot water.

Features & Benefits

» Advanced EVI compressor with electronic expansion valves.

» Up to 2 performance levels for high COP values in both full load and partial load mode

» Weather-proof housing protected with multiple coats

» Coated evaporator fins

» Low-friction axial fans with highly efficient EC motors and speed control to minimise noise and optimise running behaviour

» EVI technology allowing for heating flow temperatures up to 90 °C

Technical Specifications

Product Code AH-10AH-20AH-30AH-40AH-50AH-60
Rated Heating CapacitykW8.514265481108
Input PowerkW2.74.38.718.326.936.2
Rated Output Water Temperature°C90°C
Refrigerant R134a
Control Mode Smart multi-function control system
CompressorFormScroll Type
Net Sizemm780×780×1240860*780*12401410*748*10151510*730*12102150*1078*22582150*1078*2258
Net WieghtKg5560293378489536
Noise Leveldb(A)<52<58<62<68<70<72
Ambient Temperature°C(-15°C — 46°C)


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In comparison with the traditional gas water heater and electric water heater, air source Heat Pumps have major advantages in areas like power-saving, security, and environmental protection.

Energy- Saving

We've tested our heat pumps and the test shows that the energy consumption of them is very low. We've tested heating and the energy consumption of Heat pump was only 1/4 of the electric water heater and 1/2 of the Gas water heater.

Environment Protection

Ascler has environment friendly refrigerant non ozone-depleting substances which will not do any damage to ozone layer.


As we know, electric shock and carbon monoxide poisoning are the main two family killers, especially the latter is very dangerous to human because of its quality to separate water and electricity, which keeps the family far away from the electricity shock and carbon monoxide poisoning.

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