Floor Standing Heat Pump

The Ascler floor standing Heat Pumps is a fully assembled, compact heat pumps designed for uses with various heat source systems. The large integrated stainless steel double shell tank with hydraulic decoupling function ensures optimum operational safety and ample hot water.

All components required for efficient operation, such as circulating pumps, 4-way valves, magnesium anode protection and quick heat coil, are factory-installed. Highly efficient compressors with electronic expansion valves guarantee high seasonal energy performance ratios and low energy costs.

The standard heat pump assemblies can be combined with a range of optional accessories to turn the ascler floor standing heat Pumps into a complete facility management system for heating, cooling and DHW, with or without additional solar energy input.

Features & Benefits

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Heating Temperature Max. 70-75°C capability.
4-way switchover valve
Multi-stage vibration decoupling
Side Connections Convenient side access.

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