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Designed and Manufactured as per German & European Standards.

Since the time we’ve started to build our products with an assurance of our brand- Ascler, we’ve established a great position in the markets and more importantly- the consumers. With the launch of our heat pump, it was no shock that it was a great success.

With the growing market and demand from the users, we at Ascler have joined hands and have created from cold local heating networks to high-temperature application.

Looking at the dedication and  fulfillment of user demand has given us recognition and added us in their lists of contacts in cases of any special solutions requirement.

Ascler’s heat pumps are very well designed with a premium built that tops the German quality standards. Each and every product we deal in is very well tested to make sure they are safe and of course! are of only high quality. This basically is what makes Ascler one finest company you can put in your trust with. Additionally, products that we sell have been guaranteed by our national and international partners like the installation, the service of the heat pumps- just works as they’re promised about, which also includes reduction of CO2 emission for many years.


In comparison with the traditional gas water heater and electric water heater, air source Heat Pumps have major advantages in areas like power-saving, security, and environmental protection.

Latest Generation Water Heater

Our next-generation technology consumes only 20-30% amount of electricity used by standard electric resistance models. We are the first electric water heaters to qualify for the Energy Star® rating.


Our heat pumps use environmentally friendly refrigerant, such as R410a/R32/R407c and etc.

Economic and Durable

We are using world-renowned concepts for guaranteeing the working of the heat pump for space heating/cooling or sanitary hot water under different conditions.

Excellent Heat Preservation

Ascler hot water storage tank uses high-density polyurethane foam to wrap the stainless steel tank for maintaining the water temperature equal.

High Heating efficiency

The operating cost of the heat pump is ¼ of an electric heater, ⅓ of the gas heater and ⅓ of coal/oil boiler.

Sanitary Hot Water

The heat pump is able to provide space heating or cooling to different construction building and meanwhile offering Sanitary hot water for Daily use.

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What do our customers say about us?

I decided to invest in this heat pump. Prior to purchasing, I had several questions and the staff over at Ascler were prompt to reply and answer my questions. The pump arrived in perfect condition. The installation was a breeze. I put my heater on a homemade plywood base with locking casters so I can move it and store it away at the end of the season. I love this thing. It was the best investment for my swimming pool.

B. Srinivas

Ascler Heat Pumps gave me the right, honest and great price that you can't find in the market. The delivery and the job were super fast and perfectly executed. We were more than happy with the quality of installation. My house was left in excellent condition, clean and tidy, with no impact or damage to our home – this had been one of my worries. Both installers did everything very well and very patiently replied to all my questions about the product. My friends that I have referred you to have thanked me for the opportunity to have their heat pump installed by Ascler Heat Pumps, transforming their homes also.

Christin B Schulze

So amazing! I'm very happy we decided to go with Ascler's heat pump. I live in the Chandighar area with a swimming pool that is partially shaded and was concerned earlier but this heat pump was able to do the job. Also, the only location I had for this was under the deck, which added to my concern for effectiveness and efficiency.

Karan Kapoor

I have owned a heat pump for about 2 years now. I got this because I was looking for a way to permanently reduce my energy consumption and lower my bills. Ascler's product allows me to do those 2 things. I was really worried that I am making a mistake at first because heat pump’s cost is a little bit higher to purchase and have installed, but I just kept telling myself to think of all the money I'd save in the long run and pushed through with it. I have no regrets or complaints, I love Ascler's heat pump. I have not had to repair or replace it yet, it works the same as it does the day it was installed. I have recommended this to my family and friends over the last 2 years whenever the mention of hot water comes up in conversation.

Michael Tonetti

We have owned Ascler's heat pump for just over a year. I would definitely buy this brand again and have actually recommended it to a few friends. Since we are new users, we have not had to do much for repairs. We did have one issue with the drainage pipe because we kept ending up with a flooded hallway. This was more of an issue with the furnace company, though. We like the fact that it gets warmer than our furnace was and it saves us money from what we paid before we got it. This still doesn't cost as much as our former furnace unit cost.

Naveen Kumar

I have used a Ascler’s All in one heat pump for my house. It has given me good service and I recommend this for any home that needs mid-sizes heating equipment.

Arif Khan

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Designed and Manufactured as per German & European Standards.