Commercial Heat Pumps

This commercial heat pump is the best solution for hot water supply of commercial project, such as Hotel, Hospitals, School and other large Buildings, which need large water volume supply.

The heat pump system works with many advantages like safety, convenient usage, energy saving and environment friendly and assures 24 hours comfortable hot water for users widely. The commercial heat pumps are extremely versatile and can be configured and equipped for installation in commercial projects and in apartment blocks of virtually any size. The units of the Ascler are available as air-water or water-water heat pumps for reliable heating and cooling.

The heat pumps of the commercial series come with advanced technology which meet the highest quality standard. This means that they are not only extremely reliable and highly efficient in partial load mode, but also easier to regulate. In addition, they can be equipped with various customized add-on components such as expansion vessels, high-efficiency circulating pumps and flow monitoring devices.

The models of the commercial series from Ascler are shipped as fully assembled units ready for installation in new buildings and renovation projects. By installing multiple commercial heat pumps in a cascade, higher outputs can be achieved without compromising the safety of the system, thanks to the use of tried and tested frequency-controlled technology. These powerful systems are suitable for a broad range of applications.

Features & Benefits

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Sound-Insulated Housing
Multi-Stage Vibration Decoupling
High-Efficiency Circulating Pumps

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